Responsibility through careful environmental assessments

Careful Environmental assessment

Responsibility through careful environmental assessments

When Trelleborg is looking at a possible merger or acquisition, a central aspect for getting a complete picture of the situation is the environmental assessment. The policy of Trelleborg is to take full environmental responsibility for all actions.

In the process of evaluating a possible acquisition, or maybe new establishment, an environmental due diligence questionnaire is always used.

- We are mainly looking at identifying all environmental risks, whether it is related to the ongoing operations or something that is left in the area from earlier activities. A lot of work is put into investigating land and groundwater for finding any environmental impact. We want to know absolutely everything there is to know, to be able to take the right decisions, says José-Luis Losa, Group Environmental Manager at Trelleborg.

Another important issue is different country regulations, and what environmental permissions the prospective company has. Due to the nature of operations Trelleborg is a company that has to use some chemicals, and it is therefore crucial to have the correct information about the local regulations for chemical storage and use. Also when it comes to waste storage there are different regulations to follow.

- The first phase of the process includes our own gathering of information and, if necessary, personal investigations on location and we also use approved counsels in every market. If we find any possible problems, phase two includes for example actual testing of soil and water to find any ongoing pollution, says José-Luis Losa.

With all this information on hand, Trelleborg can evaluate the environmental risks involved in a certain project and find the right way to take full responsibility for the company’s actions. When Trelleborg in turn is selling a site, the same procedure is done to avoid future problems with questioning of responsibility.

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