Making whistleblowing easier and safer

Trelleborg whistleblower policy

Making whistleblowing easier and safer

If a Trelleborg employee should wish to report a breach of the Code of Conduct to the Group Compliance Officers, it is now possible to do this in their local language.

Should a Trelleborg employee wish to report a breach of the Code of Conduct to Group Compliance Officers, who comprise HR and Legal department managers, it is now possible to do this online or by phone, completely anonymously and in their local language.

Trelleborg has had a whistleblower policy for a number of years, while new technology has improved the possibilities and thereby increased the demands for a new process. 

“The former process only allowed for reporting in English, and we saw the need for being able to make reports in all the languages currently used within our organization. The new process will also further safeguard anonymity,” says Lars G Stenblom, Vice President of Risk Management and Environment at Trelleborg AB.

The whistle is seldom blown at Trelleborg, and the company wants to ensure that this is not the result of a system that complicates reporting. The new process has been developed to make it is as easy as possible for employees to get across their message in a safe and user-friendly manner. Compliance Officers are the only individuals with access to the reports.

“We provide local, toll-free phone numbers and a local-language web platform, based on external translation, which will facilitate the reporting process. The employee will also receive a reply in their own language,” says Lars G Stenblom.

The new process is being communicated clearly in all Trelleborg production units and is included in the information package for new employees.

 “Looking at what’s available around us, it feels like we are offering a leading-edge opportunity from a user-friendly and global perspective. There should now be no limitations for anyone who feels compelled to report a breach of our Code of Conduct,” says Lars G Stenblom.

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