Free LED Light Bulb


Trelleborg’s anti vibration manufacturing facility in Leicester, England gives free LED Light Bulb to all employees to raise Energy Excellence awareness

In line with Trelleborg’s internal program for Energy Excellence at all facilities worldwide, there has been a lot of great work at the Trelleborg’s facility in Leicester, England over the years to improve its energy efficiency and it continues to improve it further by focusing on acheiving ISO 50001 certification.

To help the facility look for even more opportunities, it raised awareness of Energy Excellence by highlighting what each employee can do at home and this was supported by a free, latest generation, LED light bulb for each employee.

As winter approaches and the nights get longer, at both home and work, we all need our lights on for longer periods using precious energy.  Each light bulb will save each person, based on an average usage pattern, around seven EUR per year.  Along with the bulb there was also a discount code for each employee to buy more at a special rate and an information sheet.

Paul Race, the manager of the manufacturing facility, said: "The idea behind the free bulb was to raise awareness for Energy Excellence and inspire people to generate more energy saving suggestions for both themselves at home and at the company. The scheme has been well received, with some employee's reporting back that they have already purchased more bulbs using the discount code provided and that they are thinking of other ways to improve. Hopefully when we open up the suggestion scheme box this month, we will also have many ideas for the company to benefit from too."