Emissions from chemicals have been cut by half

Emissions from chemicals have been cut by half

Thanks to a total technology shift, Trelleborg Coated Systems in Italian Lodi Vecchio, has reduced its chemical emissions by 50 percent. In addition the energy consumption in the factory is cut by almost 15 percent and has speeded up the production process enormously.

At Trelleborg’s rubber coating factory in Lodi Vecchio 100.000 litres of solvents are used at any given time. During 2013 a solvent less roller head line was installed in order to use calandering teqnique, instead of spreading with solvents.

By pressing together textile and rubber at a high pressure the volume of solvents used will be cut tremendously. As a result 50 percent less emissions will be released into the atmosphere. 80 percent of the solvents still used in production are being recycled.

“We have revolutionized the rubber coating process. Mainly out of environmental reasons, but there are other positive effects too”, says Biagio Montano, EH&S Plant Engineering Manager at Trelleborg Coated Systems.

He calculates that the new equipment for producing the rubber coating will reduce energy consumption by 10-15 percent. The reason, according to the technical manager, is that many steps in the process now can be cut out.

“This is also positive in terms of productivity. What took us six hours before, no only takes half an hour”, he describes.
The big jump in technology also meant a great step for the working environment and safety. A renovation to fit the new single piece of equipment, replacing a number of older machines, made it possible also to replace for instance the lightning system, cutting energy consumption even more.

“Everyone is very enthusiastic about the change and improvement in quality of work. The equipment is very impressive and much easier to work with. There is much more light, a new bright pavement and green plants”, Biagio Montano explains proudly.

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