CR Stakeholder Exercise with Lund University Master Students

CR Stakeholder Exercise with Lund University Master Students

Improvement areas in Trelleborg CR communications identified by passionate students.

Trelleborg's Corporate Responsibility team were delighted to host a two day workshop (18th-20th October) with 40 students from two masters programmes of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics [IIIEE] at Lund University in Sweden.  

After a presentation that introduced the students to Trelleborg’s CR reporting and Trelleborg’s newest sustainability initiative Blue Dimension™, the students were invited to review our four CR focus areas of the 2015 CR report from the perspective of five key stakeholder groups: investors, employees, customers, society and suppliers. 

The views of the students from the roleplay exercise was then articulated though presentations, expressing what they liked about the 2015 CR report and the new Blue Dimension™ brochure, as well as areas for improvement. The passionate students engaged in the exercise extremely well, and raised several valuable points which the CR team will look to cover when the 2016 CR report is written. 

Pictured above: The two winning stakeholder teams in the Student exercise: Investors and Employees