Trelleborg Presents ProHD at CeMat 2018


Trelleborg Presents Groundbreaking Heavy-Duty Material Handling Tire Compound, ProHD, at CeMat 2018

At CeMAT 2018, Trelleborg launches ProHD, a revolutionary tyre compound that is engineered to increase the load capacity of your critical material handling applications.

ProHD is an innovative material handling solution intended for high load uses, which has been designed to reduce the risk of operational failures due to overloaded tyres. This new compound resists radial cracking and limits heat buildup in tyres, radically improving driver safety in heavy duty operations.

Gianluca Abbati, Director R&D Material Handling and Construction at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, said: “The ProHD material handling tyre compound is really exceptional and resilient even in extreme conditions. Some high load warehouse activities can cause tyres to crack or even potentially melt. ProHD is a solution that reduces this risk as it eliminates radial craking.

“We are very proud to show our customers and partners the ProHD innovation at CeMat 2018. It provides an effective solution that not only improves safety, but also fuel economy, battery life and gives better truck stability.”

The ProHD will gradually be available on premium Trelleborg material handling tyres that will also feature the Pit Stop Line. The option will be extended to the press on solid range in the future.

ProHD will be on the show at CeMAT 2018, April 23-27 in Hannover, Germany.

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Trelleborg Presents Groundbreaking Heavy-Duty Material Handling Tyre Compound, ProHD, at CeMat 2018