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Always be in control

Knowing when to replace industrial tires is critical – replace them too early and you risk spending too much, replace them too late and you risk machine and operator safety.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems have developed an innovation for our premium range tires that lets operators and fleet managers know with 100% accuracy when their tires need replacing – we call this innovation “Pit Stop Line”.

Pit Stop Line is simple – as the tires wear down a highly visible orange band appears on the tire surface indicating that replacement tires should be ordered and service fitting scheduled. When this Pit Stop Line appears on a tire it will have approximately 100 hours life remaining meaning that replacement tires can be fitted at the most convenient time.

Maximum Value, Maximum Uptime

Choosing Pit Stop Line means you can reduce tire changes by up to 20%

Typically industrial solid tires are replaced with 25% of life remaining. Choosing Pit Stop Line tires means that you always get maximum value for spend – by never replacing too early.

Replacing tires early also means taking forklifts out of service needlessly. Choosing Pit Stop Line tires eliminates needless downtime and keeps machines working.

Pit Stop Line Benefits

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