Trelleborg to Display Latest Innovative Tire Designs and Technologies at CONEXPO 2020

Trelleborg Brawler HPS-Telehandler e Trelleborg TH500

Trelleborg to Display Latest Innovative Tire Designs and Technologies at CONEXPO 2020

At this year’s CONEXPO show, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will be introducing its newest range of innovative tire designs and technologies for the construction market. These products enhance productivity in critical applications and improve operations in the most demanding environments.

Trelleborg will be showcasing the enhanced features of the Brawler HPS Telehandler Comfort tire, with improved anti-vibration performance for increased driver comfort and smoother operations. Combined with Trelleborg’s unique elliptical sidewall apertures, the Brawler HPS Telehandler Comfort tire delivers high shock absorption and the best possible protection for operators and machines.

Compared to standard Brawler HPS tires, the new HPS Comfort tires feature a 15% higher deflection which improves comfort, and a 10% larger contact area which improves traction. The new Comfort tires follow on the success of the highly acclaimed HPS OTR Soft Ride tires, which have been operating in the field for several years. 

Four sizes of the new HPS Telehandler tires are now available: the 43x15-24, the 47x17-24, the 13.00-24, and the 14.00-24. 

The new TH500 Agro Industrial tire, designed with an innovative tread pattern, meets the needs of telehandlers and backhoes operating on multipurpose hard surfaces. This new tire features a reinforced sidewall to prevent damage and to increase lateral stability while the tread design features a tight center to guarantee the tire’s longevity. With its inter-lug terraces and open shoulder area, the TH500 tire maximizes self-cleaning capacity.

Also new at CONEXPO is the Trelleborg Tracking Tool, which combines existing pneumatic tire tracking technology with solid tire tracking capabilities to better monitor tire operating cost per hour and deliver the best performance to Trelleborg’s valued customers. Marc Margossian, North and Central America Regional Marketing Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Solid tires are critical for operations in certain demanding environments. At Trelleborg, we acknowledge that they are a significant investment within an operations budget, which is why we believe in monitoring our working costs per hour and delivering the best performance to our valued customers. For this reason, we have invested in a proper tracking system to help our dealers and end users manage their varied fleets.”

For more information on the new Brawler HPS Telehandler Comfort tire, the TH500 Agro Industrial tire, and Trelleborg’s new Solid Tire Tracking Program, visit booth F-101219 in the Festival Hall at CONEXPO 2020. 

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"Trelleborg to Display Latest Innovative Tire Designs and Technologies at CONEXPO 2020"