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Trelleborg Launches EMR1025 All-Season Tire in Time to get a Grip on Snow and Ice

This winter, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will be debuting the EMR 1025 all-season tire, which delivers premium damage protection and durability while adding extra comfort. Though suitable all year round, it provides an enhanced grip on snow and ice, eliminating the need for the cost and downtime involved with seasonal changeovers.

As an all-season commercial tire designed for loaders and graders, the EMR 1025 delivers the comfort, robustness and high performance of the EMR range all year-round. In addition, thanks to its siped winter tread pattern, where thin slits are cut across the rubber surface to improve traction, and its state-of-the-art compound, it delivers higher grip and traction on snow, as well as a reduced braking distance. This gives operators and machines the best possible protection in winter conditions.

Alessio Bucci, Product Marketing Senior Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “The new EMR 1025 tire takes all-season tire performance to new heights. Across all of our tire segments, we aim to be the customer’s first choice, and to provide innovative solutions that accelerate performance in a sustainable way.”

The EMR 1025 tire is part of the EMR tire series that is designed to enhance productivity and to perform in critical applications, making it easier and safer for operators to do their jobs in the most demanding environments. It will be available in four sizes: 14.00R24, 17.5R25, 20.5R25 and 23.5R25.

For more information about Trelleborg’s EMR 1025 tire visit: Earth-Moving-Radial-Tires-1025

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"Trelleborg Launches EMR1025 All-Season Tire in Time"

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