Trelleborg is an Exclusive Fit for New MF 5610 Antarctica2 Special Edition Tractor


Trelleborg is an Exclusive Fit for New MF 5610 Antarctica2 Special Edition Tractor

Trelleborg tires will exclusively equip the new MF 5610 Antarctica2 Special Edition tractor. The new MF 5610 Antarctica2 has been launched by Massey Ferguson to celebrate one of its tractors reaching the South Pole in December last year.

Between November 2014 and January 2015, Trelleborg was Massey Ferguson’s official partner for its tractor expedition to the South Pole, “Antarctica2”. The 2,350 kilometres expedition saw 'Tractor Lady', Manon Ossevoort, drive a MF 5600 tractor to the Pole across treacherous snow and ice with a team of polar specialists.

Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services, says: “The expedition and the tractor captured the imagination and the hearts of a worldwide audience, many of them working farmers who will be interested in buying their own version of this incredible machine. The journey to the South Pole was an epic, inspiring achievement and we’re expecting strong demand for the Special Edition.”

For the expedition, Trelleborg developed a special multi-purpose set of complete wheels, both tires and rims, which enabled the MF 5600 tractor to tackle the severe weather conditions of the Antarctic.

Trelleborg tires proved highly resilient, successfully coping with the harsh temperatures. Not only did the tires not freeze, but they remained soft, ensuring reliability and driver comfort throughout the journey. The main challenge the tire faced was that of traction when climbing glaciers. However, thanks to the additional grip provided by the ultra-deflection of the carcass and tire’s wide footprint, the tractor experienced only minor slippage on the mountains.

“To reflect the contribution that Trelleborg made to the success of the Antarctica2 achievement, the first tractor with wheels rather than tracks to reach the South Pole and return safely, only Trelleborg tires will be fitted to the Special Edition tractor,” continues Scott. 

Paolo Pompei, President of Agricultural & Forestry Tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, comments: “The collaboration agreement between Trelleborg and Massey Ferguson on the Special Edition tractor is a strategic step forward, through which the two companies undertake to cooperate in product innovation and marketing to the benefit of their customers. The aim of the partnership is to offer the customer a state-of-the-art solution, conceived to maximize productivity and guaranteed to be extremely easy to use and very comfortable.

“Interpreting the needs of modern agriculture, and to the advantage of its customers, Trelleborg believes in cooperation between the agricultural industry leaders in all activities, from R&D to Marketing.”

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"Trelleborg is an Exclusive Fit for New MF 5610 Antarctica2 Special Edition Tractor"