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Trelleborg CTIS+. The right pressure, at the right time, in the right place.

New Trelleborg CTIS+ Inside is an OE integrated pressure control system jointly developed with Dana Incorporated. The system allows to inflate or deflate tyres pressure directly from the cabin of the tractor, with a touch of a button.

Trelleborg CTIS+. Innovation inside

The CTIS+ upgrades traditional functionalities of available CTIS system in the market. Differently from existing solutions, Trelleborg’s one is a fully integrated system with no external part or pipes sticking out from the wheel, both for the rear and the front axle.

During the inflation operation, the TLC algorithm instructs the MCU (Mechatronic Control Unit, by Dana) which independently controls the distribution of air pressure for each wheel, through the Trelleborg manifolds installed on each inner rim.

Optimal pressure @ your fingertips

The CTIS+ has been designed to be smart and easy to use. After the machine is configured using  the TLC+ Software, depending on the selected operation, you can see the actual and recommended tyre pressure from the cabin monitor.

By just clicking on the “Adjust Pressure” function, you can instruct the system to adapt the pressure according to the recommendation.

The benefits for your farming with the Trelleborg CTIS+

The right pressure reduces your costs by over 20%

Incorrect tyre pressure has a significant negative impact on soil fertility as well as on tractor efficiency. 

The right pressure, according to machine configuration and application, boosts the performance of your tyres’ increasing traction, reducing slippage and rolling resistance, with consequent higher productivity during daily operation, both in the field and on the road.

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Trelleborg CTIS+ Inside

Optimal pressure at your fingertips.

Low soil compaction, high yield from your crops

Soil compaction is one of the major enemy for your farm’s productivity. A compacted soil restricts the roots growth, increases the density and reduces soil porosity. Your soil is the most important resource when growing an healthy and profitable crop.

This is why the inflation pressure of your tyres can make the difference. Trelleborg’s main goal is to help you to reduce soil compaction, providing the right tool to monitor tyre pressure and adjust it where and when needed.

Press release

Trelleborg Joins Massey Ferguson in the Extraordinary “MF NEXT Concept Tractor”

Unveiling the Sustainable Tyre with Trelleborg CTIS+ Inside

Trelleborg joins Massey Ferguson in the “MF NEXT Concept Tractor”, fitting the futuristic machine with the new TM1000 Progressive Traction farm tyre in a totally white compound, free from carbon black. The TM1000 tyres are mounted on advanced extra light rims integrated with the innovative CTIS+ Inside, central tyre inflation pressure system, co-developed with Dana. The “MF NEXT Concept” was initiated by Massey Ferguson to demonstrate the commitment of the brand toward smart and future farming, as well as to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first man on the moon.

Trelleborg and Dana jointly develop advanced Central Tyre Inflation Pressure System for the agricultural machinery industry

Trelleborg Wheel Systems and Dana Incorporated have jointly developed a revolutionary Central Tyre Inflation (CTIS) system for the agricultural machinery industry. The concept of the new CTIS system will be displayed at Agritechnica 2019 (November 10th – November 16th). Named CTIS+ Inside, the full OEM integrated central pressure control system will enable tractor drivers to inflate or deflate tyre pressures directly from the tractor cabin, according to the recommended pressure calculated by the advanced Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) software.

Trelleborg unveils its revolutionary CTIS+ Inside jointly developed with Dana at Agritechnica 2019

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is proud to unveil the New Trelleborg CTIS+ Inside at Agritechnica 2019, jointly developed with Dana Incorporated. The New CTIS+ Inside is a full OEM integrated central pressure control system. This allows the tractor driver to inflate or deflate the tyre pressure directly from the tractor cabin, according to the recommended pressure calculated by the advanced Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) software.

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