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Split rim tyres for trucks, trailers & forklifts

Trelleborg split wheels are suitable for small and medium-sized industrial trailers, forklift trucks, ground support equipment, baggage carts and other similar applications


Our split wheels are constructed so that when the two pieces are securely bolted together, they combine to form a rim with two fixed flanges and an attachment disc. These cost-effective tyres come in 8” to 12” versions and are suitable for resilient and tube-type pneumatic tyres. You can also get them without a valve slot if required.

The mark of a Trelleborg wheel

Trelleborg is a leading supplier of high-quality wheel assemblies for a range of industrial applications, including material handling equipment, industrial trailers, personnel carriers, ground support equipment, aerial lifts, construction equipment and other application types. Our wheel assemblies can be designed to specific OEM requirements or can be manufactured to meet individual needs.

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Industrial wheels brochure


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Technical Data

8"– 12"

Diameter Wheel size Tire size
8 2.50C-8 4.00-8
2.50C-8 15x4½-8
3.00D-8 15x4½-8
3.00D-8 4.00-8
3.00D-8 5.00-8
4.33R-8 18x7-8
9 4.00E-9 140/55-9
4.00E-9 6.00-9
10 5.00F-10 180/60-10
5.00F-10 6.50-10
12 5.00S-12 6.00-12
5.00S-12 7.00-12

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