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Sugar Cane Harvesters

Trelleborg - Sugar Cane Harvesters - T414 Twin Tractor
T414 Twin Tractor
  • Pattern with deep effective lugs in three different angles for maximum traction and excellent self cleaning
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Trelleborg - Sugar Cane Harvesters - T410 Agroforest
T410 Agroforest
  • Reinforced sidewall to guarantee minimum impact and perforation
  • Special lug shape to ensure excellent grip and traction in tough terrain
  • High level of stability during heavy applications thanks to the shoulder design
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Trelleborg - Sugar Cane Harvesters - T404 Twin Implement
T404 Twin Implement
  • Suitable for soft terrain
  • Characterized by its rounded shoulder design and wide contact area
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Sugar Cane Harvesters-Wheels & Rims-Trelleborg
Wheels & Rims
  • Trelleborg is a leading manufacturer offering complete wheels with a diameter ranging from 3 inches to 54 inches
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