Other Harvesters (Potato, Tomato, GroundNuts) | Trelleborg Wheels

Other Harvesters  (Potato, Tomato, GroundNuts)

Trelleborg - Other Harvesters - TM3000
  • Maximise the load capacity of the tyre at low inflation pressure
  • It is the right choice to boost harvesting productivity
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Trelleborg - Other Harvesters - TM2000
  • Excellent traction capacity
  • Maximum resistance to impact and punctureing
  • Optimal lateral stability even on difficult and very uneven terrain
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Trelleborg - Other Harvesters - TH400
  • Great stability and manoeuvrability
  • Excellent safety
  • Maximum resistance to stress and laceration
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Other Harvesters-Wheels & Rims-Trelleborg
Wheels & Rims
  • Trelleborg is a leading manufacturer offering complete wheels with a diameter ranging from 3 inches to 54 inches
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