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Brawler HPS Solidflex Skid Steer Traction

Brawler HPS (High Performance Solid) Skid Steer tyres are designed to perform in extreme environments including scrap metal recycling, waste transfer stations and mining operations.

The Brawler HPS Solidflex features elliptical apertures to deliver a comfortable ride resulting in reduced equipment and operator fatigue.

• Durable cut resistant rubber compound eliminates downtime caused by tyre damage

• Deep lug tread design offers 3 times more wearable rubber than a pneumatic tyre


Brawler HPS SkidSteer

Premium Construction Solid  

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Split rims: technical data

metric sizes
Size Pneumatic Equivalent Size Tire O.D.
Tread Depth
Load Capacity
25 km/h [kg]
31x10-20/7.5  10-16.5  785 254 41 69 2815
33x12-20/7.5  12-16.5  840 305 56 98 2970
36x14-20/7.5  14-17.5  915 356 71 142 3310
40x14-20/10 15-19.5 1015 356 94 203 4955

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