Trelleborg Launches its Pit Stop Line Game at ProMat 2015

Trelleborg Launches its Pit Stop Line Game at ProMat 2015

Trelleborg Launches its Pit Stop Line Game at ProMat 2015

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has extended its digital offering with the launch of the Pit Stop Line game at ProMat 2015. This game is aimed at being a lighthearted way of explaining industrial tire life and the advantages of using Pit Stop Line Tires.

Ydo Doornbos, Managing Director Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc., comments: “We are really excited by the Pit Stop Line mobile app. We believe it’s a fun way to launch the Pit Stop Line concept and help people understand the value it delivers. We chose this way of promoting the Pit Stop Line because we want people to rethink what they know about industrial tires. Rather than do something technical and dry we decided to do something that was fun and memorable.”

As well as being fun, the Pit Stop Line game also has a competitive edge, as Doornbos explains; “The Pit Stop Line challenges some big assumptions in the industrial tire world and we wanted to reflect that throughout the launch. We will be running a competition from ProMat until the end of April to find the Pit Stop Line champion. Be warned though, it’s a very addictive game and like with most online games, your children will probably be better at it than you.” Trelleborg Wheel Systems launched the Pit Stop Line innovation for its premium range industrial tires in May 2014. The revolutionary solution answers one of the industry’s most elusive and critical questions – how to know, with 100% certainty, when a forklift tire is worn out and needs replacing. Incorporating an orange line which is embedded into the tire, the Pit Stop Line indictor is visible on the tire wall and is designed to reveal itself across the surface of the tire when the rubber has reached the end of its lifetime. The new Pit Stop Line completely encompasses the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) Manual recommendations on tire safety and enables 100% accurate tire safety checks; a huge first for the industry. Delivering more than just better value for spend; its sophisticated design will help improve machine uptime and service planning.

With the Pit Stop Line appearing 100 hours or five to 15 working days before the tire needs replacing, operators are able to plan their tire changes in advance, totally eradicating unplanned downtime. Pit Stop Line also offers a strong environmental benefit, enabling a dramatic reduction in waste, raw materials as well as the carbon footprint associated with packaging and transportation. Replacing tires less often means a reduced environmental impact.

The Pit Stop Line game is available for download on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Search under “Pit Stop Line.”

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"Trelleborg Launchs PSL Mobile App at ProMat Show 2015"