Trelleborg to Showcase Variable Inflation Pressure System at Demoagro 2017

Trelleborg to Showcase Variable Inflation Pressure System at Demoagro 2017

Trelleborg will showcase its innovative VIPTM – Variable Inflation Pressure - system for the first time in Spain, alongside its extensive portfolio of agricultural tyres at Demoagro 2017 (stand S15) in San Clemente, Cuenca (May 9 to 11). 

Ramon Martinez, Country Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Spain, commented: “Dedicated to the demonstration of agricultural machinery in the field and the showcasing of the latest innovations across the agricultural industry, Demoagro 2017, provides the ideal platform for us to exhibit our innovative, VIP system. A smart and autonomous complete wheel capable of self-adjusting the pressure of a combine harvester’s tyre during operation, according to its precise load, the VIP System optimizes the tyre’s footprint in order to reduce soil compaction.”

Trelleborg will also host the first stop of its 2017 Roadshow at Demoagro. This will comprise three field demonstrations per day to showcase the benefits of its TM1060 tyre, which has a large footprint that helps to boost the efficiency and productivity of farming operations. Capable of working at extremely low pressure, the TM1060’s extra wide footprint provides ultimate respect for the soil, enhancing farm productivity and crop yield, while providing premium traction thanks to its ProgressiveTractionTM tread pattern.

To do so, two Deutz-Fahr 6175 RC-Shift Agrotron tractors will drive across two 200 meter tracks with different tyre fitments. The first one will be fitted with Trelleborg’s VF 710/60R38 TM1060 and VF 600/60R28 TM1060, while the second one will be fitted with the 650/65R38 TM800 and 540/65R28 TM800. 

Both tractors will be linked together by a metal rope to a third Deutz-Fahr 7250TTV Agrotron break tractor. The rope is on a pulley and so it is free to move, enabling the tractor transferring the most power to the ground to arrive before the other one. The time gap between the two tractors will be measured and a computer will calculate the efficiency savings of each.  

“Kicking off in Spain at Demoagro, the roadshow will visit multiple leading agricultural exhibitions and customer events throughout 2017 across Europe, as well as China and South Africa. Each stop will see us showcase the latest generation of Trelleborg tyres, complete wheels and the recently launched VIPTM system,” added Martinez.

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