Excavator XL

Excavator XL (Solid)

The Excavator XL, a wider version of the Excavator, offers better stability for demanding applications.


Trelleborg Excavator XL tyres offer excellent traction and stability through their innovative tread design and construction while keeping machine downtime to a minimum by eliminating punctures. This tyre delivers outstanding performance in environments where safety is vital and downtime unacceptable.

The Trelleborg Excavator XL range is ideal for use in the construction, waste management and timber industries.

• Wide profile improves stability

• Excellent Traction

• Reinforced sidewall protection eliminates punctures


Construction Brochure Imperial Sizes

Trelleborg Construction series tires tracks and wheels  

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Construction Brochure Metric Sizes

Engineered for the extreme  

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Technical Data

Size Available Rims Tire O.D.
Static Load [mm] Load Capacity
25 km/h [kg]
10.00-20  7.0; 7.5 & 8.0 1023 261 7550 5000
12.00-20 8.0 & 8.5 1093 278 9510 6250

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