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Agricultural tractor tyres to boost your farming

High power, exceptional traction and high load-carrying abilities – these are just some of the traits of our innovative tractor tyres. At Trelleborg, we place a constant focus on innovation to enrich your farming. Our aim is to boost your productivity and give you less downtime.


Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM190_1024x575
  • The special lug shape provides high resistance to gougings and lacerations
  • Suitable for most terrain types and work
  • The reduced height of its lugs enables great performance on grassland
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-MARSHLAND_1024x575
  • Specialized line for use in waterlogged and marshy terrain
  • The carcass structure and deep lugs provide high traction and flotation
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM300S_1024x575
  • Suitable for all types of heavy work on wet or tough surfaces
  • Provides low rolling resistance and long tyre life
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TD27_1024x575
  • This tyre’s tread pattern allows for maximum use on both the field and the road
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TD300_1024x575
  • Suitable for all types of terrain
  • Able to stay straight during ploughing
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-Twin Tractor T414_1024x575
T414 Twin Tractor
  • Tread pattern boasts deep effective lugs in three different angles, for maximum traction and excellent self-cleaning
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  • Available in a range of sizes for tractors between 50 and 160 HP
  • Excellent traction in all field conditions, further enhanced by the interlug terraces
  • The wide lug nose means extra surface life
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