Brawler Mining tyres

Brawler Mining tires

Brawler Mining Tyres are well suited for mining shuttle cars, roof support carriers, underground loaders and mining skips.


Underground mines require equipment that keeps running. A critical element to this equipment is their tyres, which are exposed to rocky debris, sharp-edged walls, high load capacities and heat. The Brawler tyre range has been designed to perform in these conditions delivering a superb whole life cost.

Maximum Performance: All Brawler tyres feature a solid construction and durable cut resistant mining compound which helps eliminate downtime caused by punctures and tyre damage. Brawler tyres are proven to last outlast foam filled pneumatics.

Maximum Safety: We work closely with the Original Equipment Manufacturers to ensure all our products meet their rigorous safety demands.

Brawler tyres that designed to work in the world’s toughest environments and to protect machines and operators through better stability, tougher build, premium components. Our aim is simple - to provide tyres that keep the machines running and operator’s safe.


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