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Trelleborg Sprayer Tyres

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a leading supplier of sprayer tyres and complete wheels for agricultural businesses worldwide.

Sprayers Tyres

Trelleborg Agricultural tyre operation engineers, produces and distributes a wide range of sprayer tyres and complete wheels for agricultural machineries.

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  • VF allows to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure
  • Inflate the tyre up to 40% less pressure while carrying the same load
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM100_1024x575
  • Particularly suitable for row crop working and highly regarded for the comfort it delivers
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM700_1024x575
  • Well known for its perfomance and versatility
  • Capable of optimising the tractors efficiency during its whole life cycle
  • High level of handling and comfort on the road
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  • Trelleborg head lug family look secures long life
  • The interlug terraces maximizes selfcleaning
  • Dual angle lug shape increase traction & comfort
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Wheels & Rims
  • Trelleborg is a leading manufacturer offering complete wheels with a diameter ranging from 3inches to 54 inches
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Versatile and Specialised Tyres

We have one of the largest ranges of high-performance agricultural tyres in the world, including both versatile and specialist models. Each range is designed with professional, sustainable farming in mind.

Sprayer Tyre Types

Explore our new generation of Sprayer Tyres, engineered and designed with sustainability, efficiency and comfort top of mind.

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