Grape Harvesters

Grape Harvesters

Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM700_1024x575
  • Well known for its perfomance and versatility
  • Capable of optimising the tractors efficiency during its whole life cycle
  • High level of handling and comfort on the road
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM100_1024x575
  • Particularly suitable for row crop working and highly regarded for the comfort it delivers
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM150_1024x575
  • VF allows to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure
  • Inflate the tire up to 40% less pressure while carrying the same load
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Agricultural Tires/Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-TM800_1024x575
  • D rated, able to reach 65 km/h on the road at the nominal pressure of 1.6 bar
  • Extra-large tread pattern
  • Able to carry heavy loads and to work at very low pressure
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Trelleborg-Agricultural Tires-Twin Tractor T414_1024x575
T414 Twin Tractor
  • Pattern with deep effective lugs in three different angles for maximum traction and excellent self cleaning
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T404 Twin Implement
  • Suitable for soft terrain
  • Characterized by its rounded shoulder design and wide contact area
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