Trelleborg to Hit the Road Following Launch of 2015 European Road Show


Trelleborg to Hit the Road Following Launch of 2015 European Road Show

Further strengthening its commitment to helping farming professionals to produce more with less, Trelleborg announces the launch of the European Road Show 2015 at SIMA 2015.

With one-day events in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Poland, France, Spain and the U.K., the Road Show will provide multiple field demonstrations showcasing how farming professionals can enhance their operations and protect the future of their business. Trelleborg’s ‘Blue Box’, the interactive, mobile stand will also be on hand to provide visitors with all they need to know about its range of digital tools.

Taking center stage throughout the Road Show’s field demonstrations will be the TM700 ProgressiveTraction™, a new /70 series of radial tires designed to meet the renewed focus of tractor manufacturers on the performance of middle range tractors. Engineered according to the company’s BlueTire™ technology, the TM700 optimize the efficiency of farming operations thanks to excellent traction, superior self-cleaning and extra mileage.

In each stop on the Road Show, Trelleborg will conduct three field demonstrations. The first demonstration will highlight the excellent floatation performance, unrivalled traction and fuel efficiency of the TM700 ProgressiveTraction™ tires. The second demonstration will showcase the importance of selecting the optimal tire inflation pressure for specific farming operations, as recommended using the Trelleborg Load Calculator. The third and final demonstration will highlight how a wider tire footprint can not only boost the efficiency and productivity of farming operations, but result in significant savings.

Moreover, TM1000 High Power, TM3000, and Trelleborg THK rims are just some examples of the Trelleborg innovations that offer more power, torque and crop yield with the lowest impact on the environment that will be presented during the itinerant show.

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director Agricultural and Forestry Tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, commented: “At Trelleborg, we hold a long-standing commitment to ensuring farming professionals get the most out of their equipment and therefore produce more, with less. At the Trelleborg Road Show they will experience firsthand the benefits of the latest Trelleborg innovations.”

Trelleborg works closely with leading tractor manufacturers to develop complete solutions, highlighting how the right combination between the tractor and its wheel solution can maximize the investment and boost farming operations. For this reason, Trelleborg will organize each stop in partnership with leading tractor manufacturers. 

“Whether farmers want to boost the yield of their crops, preserve their land, get to grips with the latest digital innovations to enhance their performance or share agricultural best practice, the new Trelleborg European Road Show 2015 provides the ideal platform to do exactly that,” added Ciferri.

The Trelleborg Road Show will take place from June 5th to September 26th, consisting of seven stops. For details about the dates and locations of the Trelleborg European Road Show 2015 and to register your attendance, visit

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Trelleborg to Hit the Road Following Launch of 2015 European Road Show