Trelleborg Receives Argentinian IRAM Certifications for Pipe Seals


Testament to its on-going commitment to quality, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has received certification for its Power-Lock™, Sewer-Lock™ above 450 mm and Anger-Lock™ systems, by the Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (IRAM).

Widely recognized as a mark of quality and a strict requirement for a range of products in Argentina, IRAM certification was awarded following stringent product testing and a comprehensive audit of the company’s warehouse facilities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alan Guzowski, Managing Director of Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in the US, commented: “With increasing demand for high performance sealing solutions among pipe manufacturers across South America, Argentina has become strategically very important to our business.

“Our new distribution site in Buenos Aires, coupled with the award of IRAM certification, are key to the expansion and broadening of our presence in the region and ensures that we are best placed to meet ever-growing customer demand, in terms of both capacity and quality.”

The F-601 Power-Lock integrated seal for plastic pressure pipes features a pipe socket which is formed over the seal during manufacture, resulting in up to a 50% reduction in joint tolerance. The seal’s jointing force requirements are very low, so also reducing the risk of seal displacement. 

The F-605 Sewer-Lock™ for sewer applications uses an inexpensive single component mandrel. As a result the adjustment, cleaning and repair costs associated with collapsible segment mandrels are dramatically reduced. Pipe diameter changes are also simpler and quicker. 

The F-576 Anger-Lock™ locked in system is designed for PVC pressure pipes and fittings with an Anger bell design. Designed for potable water applications, the F-576 seal is a composite combined lip and compression sealing system that is installed inside the socket after the bell has been formed, eliminating the risk of seal displacement during pipe transportation and joint assembly.

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