Trelleborg Dealer Locator Now Available for Smartphones

Trelleborg Dealer Locator Now Available for Smartphones and More Than 5,000 Dealers Added

5,000 professional agricultural tire and machine dealers are added to the Trelleborg Dealer Locator app which is now optimized for use on iOS and Android smartphones.

The Trelleborg Dealer Locator app, already available for use on iOS and Android tablets, is offered in five languages and identifies the Trelleborg tire dealer nearest to a selected location. The app is integrated with powerful Google Maps technology and includes map version, satellite and hybrid views. It suggests in a user-friendly and easy way the shortest route to reach a selected dealer, displaying all contact information including address, telephone number, e-mail and website. The locator app also offers a real-time professional farming weather forecast including such information as a temperature forecast, potential evapo-transpiration, relative humidity and percentage  precipitation.

Roberto Angelucci, Digital Marketing Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Trelleborg has a worldwide service network for its agricultural tires and this is constantly growing. We want the farmers to know where to find our solutions along with the professional service to run their business operations more productively and efficiently.

“In parallel, we support our dealers in growing their reputations and awareness of them in the market place, enhancing their visibility through our digital platforms. Finally, the Trelleborg Dealer Locator app can even make the difference when a tractor manufacturer sells a new machine to a farming professional. During the configuration of the tractor, the tractor dealer can inform customers where to get Trelleborg premium service and technical advice.”

The Trelleborg Dealer Locator app currently contains the geographic coordinates of more than 5,000 tire dealers and the number of locations is constantly being updated.

“We have started populating the database with our European as well as our North American and Latin America dealers and we are in the process of expanding the tool on a worldwide basis,” concludes Angelucci.

The Trelleborg Dealer Locator app is available at:

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