Trelleborg Announces Stop in Italy on Its 2018 Agricultural Tire Road Show

Trelleborg Announces Stop in Italy on Its 2018 Agricultural Tire Road Show: Produce More with Less
Trelleborg announces that the first stop in Europe on its 2018 Road Show for agricultural tires has been at the exhibition Nova Agricoltura in Foggia, Italy, on July 20th. Field demonstrations has been held during the day to showcase the importance of selecting the optimal tire inflation pressure for specific farming operations, as recommended using the Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC).

To do so, a footprint test has been prepared using a FENDT 939 S4 Profiplus Tractor, fitted with Trelleborg IF 710/60R34 TM1000 High Power, front tires, and IF 900/60R42 TM1000 High Power, rear tires. The Fendt Tractor equipped with the Vario Grip pressure setting system, has been used with two different pressures, 0.8 bar and 1.8 bar, to highlight the different effects on the soil footprint.
The tires footprint and soil compaction will be measured.

Trelleborg's field tests have highlighted the importance of choosing the correct equipment, to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of agricultural activities, through the optimization of the footprint, thanks to the use of the correct pressure.

The infiltration test demonstrated that the compaction was substantially reduced, applying the lowest possible pressure, as suggested by the Trelleborg Load Calculator app, in the largest footprint. The soil returns to its original state of organic reactor, capable of absorbing nutrients, recycling crop residues and retaining water. In this way, productivity of agricultural activities per hectare increases considerably.

Paolo Fogagnolo, Italy Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, points out that tire pressure is not merely a matter of efficiency but is also about productivity over the long term. “It’s important to avoid damage in the first place,” he explains. “Soil compaction from tractor tires can reduce the yield in subsequent years. Each tire mark can mean less crops. Compaction affects the soil’s porosity and thus the infiltration rate, allowing rainwater to run off the surface, taking nutrients and pesticides with it.”

Test results have demonstrated that by applying the lowest possible pressure as recommended by the Trelleborg Load Calculator app, soil compaction is significantly reduced. This is expected to be clearly shown by the water infiltration test during the exhibition. In addition, farming professionals can reduce operating time by up to 17 percent and lower farming costs by up to 25 percent. “This is a win-win situation,” Fogagnolo says. “Alongside the financial benefits, the real saving is in improving the soil structure.”

Previous trials have proved that lowering tire pressure can bring substantial benefits, but with the stipulation that only higher-specification tires, such as the TM1000 High Power range can perform well both on and off the fields. “The Trelleborg tires on show let you drive over the field at low pressure while still driving at speed on the road,” concludes Fogagnolo.  

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"Trelleborg Announces Stop in Italy on Its 2018 Agricultural Tire Road Show: Produce More with Less"