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Wedge Style Connectors EX Series Plastic or Stainless Steel

Toggle Style Connectors (Jack-In Style)

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Corrugated Pipes

For larger pipe sizes refer to Kor-N-Seal® II Series Connectors

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Kor-N-Seal I 106-406 Series

Kor-N-Seal I 

Kor-N-Seal Product Line

Geriffelte Rohradapter

In accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Program (29 CFR1910.1200)


Installation Instructions

Multi-Connector Installation

Kor-N-Seal I Toggle Style Connector

Kor-N-Seal I Stainless Steel Wedge Connector 

Kor-N-Seal I EX Series Connector (WP-EX Series)

Kor-N-Seal I All Stainless Steel Wedge Connector (EXAS Series)