Trelleborg adds testing machine to laboratory

Peristaltic pumps

Most suppliers are content to meet the customer’s specifications. Not us. At Trelleborg, we try to exceed expectations.
Consider our latest investment: a €150,000 testing rig that allows us to test pumping tubes for peristaltic pumps.
A peristaltic pump squeezes the fluid inside the tube between two rollers, pushing the fluid along in an action very similar to many biological systems, such as the heart or the gastrointestinal tract.

All that squeezing wears pumping tubes out quickly, which is why many major users of peristaltic pumps have their own test pump – and why we now have one too.
Our machine allows us to test our tubes on a 24/7 schedule at varying pressures and temperatures, which will give us the opportunity to design even longer-wearing, more cost-effective tubes.

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