Is your hose assembly eligible to PED 14/68/UE?

PED directive

The European Pressure Equipment Directive provides for a classification of pressure equipment in categories, according to the ascending level of hazard.
The hose assembly manufacturer, the importer an the distributor shall ensure to design, to manufacture, to test and to sell a pressure equipment in compliance with the PED requirements in term of performances, marking and associated documentation.
Before placing a pressure equipment on the European Union market, they have to check first its PED eligibility according to different criteria.


Further to validation of these 3 first essential criteria, the nature and the hazardousness of convoyed fluid and then the product of the pressure by the internal diameter determine the PED category :- Sound Engineering Practice, where the PED is not applicable- Category 1 to 3, for which the PED is mandatory, including a CE marking on each hose assembly and the supply of specific documents.



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