Trelleborg Launches Next Generation TM1060 Range


Trelleborg Launches Next Generation TM1060 Range

Trelleborg will present its pioneering new TM1060 tire range at Agritechnica 2015, which will take place from 8 to 14 November, in Hannover, Germany. Engineered with ProgressiveTractionTM technology, the innovative TM1060 upgrades the Trelleborg offering of high performance solutions for new generations of tractors, ranging from 80 to over 300 HP.

Piero Mancinelli, R&D Director, Agricultural and Forestry Tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Here at Trelleborg, we hold a longstanding commitment to ensuring we’re well placed to meet the needs of existing and future generations of medium and high power tractors, which demand extra performance in terms of traction and efficiency of their tires.

“In 1975, Trelleborg was the first to introduce the low profile /60 Series and we are delighted to now launch the new TM1060 range. The range boasts an improved load capacity and overall performance, without increasing the tire’s dimensions. The new Trelleborg TM1060 not only replicates but surpasses the performance of /60 Series tires. The largest size in the new range, the VF 710/60R42, provides a carrying capacity up to 40 percent higher than premium alternatives in the market. In addition, unlike many existing solutions on the market, the TM1060 is suitable for use on tractors over 300 HP and can be used with narrower rims, enhancing tractor efficiency.

“Applying our ProgressiveTractionTM technology to the new TM1060 range has meant that we have once again raised the bar when it comes to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of today’s and tomorrow’s farming, while increasing the environmental performance of the tractor.”

Thanks to Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTractionTM technology, the new TM1060 range promises to improve farming efficiency with its double lug. The ProgressiveTractionTM Tread, with the innovative double lug edge, boosts grip while the strong base of the lug significantly reduces vibrations. Operating on the soil at different times, the double lug progressively releases higher traction when required.

In addition, the flexible carcass guarantees a homogenous deformation distribution and, absorbing road surface roughness, assures a smoother ride.

On the field, the newly born ProgressiveTractionTM design provides superior traction capacity, reduced working time, as well as lowering operating and fuel costs. Capable of working at extremely low pressure, with the typical aspect ratio of a 60 series, the TM1060 generates an extra wide footprint area providing premium respect for the soil, farm productivity and crop yield.

On the road, the new sidewall design significantly lowers rolling resistance, fuel consumption and emissions, while increasing stress tolerance, comfort and security for the operator. The inter-lug terracing at the base of the lug helps with mud ejection, maximizing the self-cleaning capability of the tire.

Sizes for the new range include VF 520/60R28 149D, VF 600/60R28 157D, VF 600/60R30 158D, VF 650/60R38 166D, VF 710/60R38 171D and VF 710/60R42 173D.
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