Trelleborg has a Successful Spanish Stop on its 2015 European Road Show for Agricultural Tires


Trelleborg has a Successful Spanish Stop on its 2015 European Road Show for Agricultural Tires

Trelleborg has successfully completed the Spanish stop of its 2015 European Road Show during an exclusive Trelleborg event in Tauste, Zaragoza on September 25.

The one-day event, attended by more than 200 farming professionals, involved a series of field demonstrations during which two tractors raced over 300 meters. Fitted with tall, see-through cylinders, showing the exact fuel consumption during the race, both tractors had identical tools configured to work at precisely the same depth.

The first round of demonstrations presented two New Holland T7.185 series tractors 140 HP both hitched up to a stubble cultivator Kuhn Cultimer 300. To show the impact of optimal inflation pressure for the work being carried out, both tractors were fitted with TM700 ProgressiveTractionTM tires of equal sizes but with different pressures.

This innovative tire designed according to BlueTire™ technology has dual lugs acting as two anchor points, increasing engine power more efficiently to achieve 11% more traction on average. The wider base of the tire provides improved control of lug movement, smoother traction and reduced friction, increasing performance and minimizing vibration. The double lug makes it easier to penetrate the soil, while protecting it and reducing the slippage rate. The tractor is easier to maneuver, which keeps fuel consumption down and saves time.

During the demonstrations, while the tires on tractor two were inflated to a standard pressure of 1.8 bar, those on tractor one had a pressure of 1.2 bar, as recommended by the Trelleborg Load Calculator App. An impressive 25% reduction in fuel consumption was observed for tractor one in the demonstration, as well as considerable time savings. Over 500 hectares, the overall savings amount to €1.324. 
The second demonstration highlighted how fitting a tire correctly can increase the overall efficiency and productivity of operations, while optimizing footprint and inflation pressure. For this demonstration, two Massey Ferguson 7726 Dyna 6 240 HP tractors were compared over a distance of 300 meters. One was fitted with standard-sized TM900 High Power tires pressurized to 1.9 bar, and the other had IF 710/70R42 and IF 600/70R30 TM1000 High Power tires at 1.0 bar.
The TM1000 High Power tires provide outstanding traction, saving time and fuel while also reducing C02 emissions. During the demonstrations, a very significant difference was noticed between the two tractors in terms of fuel consumption and time. When scaled up to 500 hectares, overall savings in time and fuel amount to around €4,028 a year.
In addition, the broad footprint, another feature of the TM1000 High Power, reduces compaction, protects the soil and helps to increase yields. 

Trelleborg works closely with major tractor manufacturers to develop complete wheel solutions for outstanding compatibility between tractor and wheels to maximize investments and speed up work.

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"Trelleborg has a Successful Spanish Stop on its 2015 European Road Show for Agricultural Tires"