FlatSeal™ Selector

ATTENTION – please observe:

With the information given in the FlatSeal™ Selector it is our aim to advise you to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot assume any liability because of the variety of boundary conditions and influences involved.

The physical properties of the selected materials can be affected by temperature, pressure, time as well as the chemical attack of the contact media. The given information in the FlatSeal™ Selector are based on knowledge developed from laboratory tests. As lab test can never fully reflect these conditions, a functional test in the final application is required by the user and we cannot assume any liability because of the wide variety of conditions and influencing factors involved. It is still within the user's responsibility to check himself if the product chosen is suitable for the application in question.

In view of the variety of different installation and operation conditions and process engineering options, there is no basis for warranty claims referring to the behavior of the sealing joint. In case of doubts we recommend consulting the technical contact person.

The FlatSeal™ Selector is NOT a flange design software!