The SKS-900 is Trelleborg’s latest product offering that provides a cost effective solution for landscaping, construction, demolition, mining and utility industries.

The SKS-900, a Solid Skid Steer tire, features deep traction, unique stone ejector technology and better slip resistance than most other products in the market.

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Major features

  • Deep tread pattern groove for advanced traction
  • Terraces design with «Self cleaning» technology
  • Stone ejectors (reducing phenomenons of uneven wear)
  • High quality compounds
  • Directional tire (left and right versions designated with specific labels)
  • Quick mounting solution (Trelleborg LOC system)
  • Complete offer thanks to the specific wheels designed for the application

Technical data

Available Tread Patterns:


Avaialble Sizes:

Tire Size Loc Rim Width Max  Tire O.D. (mm) Load Capacity @ 8 km/h (kg)* Shipping Weight (kg)
Width (mm)
31x10x20 (L) x 7,5 236 775 2380 66
31x10x20 (R) x 7,5 236 775 2380 66
33x12x20 (L) x 7,5 287 828 3075 92
33x12x20 (R) x 7,5 287 828 3075 92



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