Industrial Wheels

Trelleborg is a leading supplier of high quality wheel assemblies for industrial applications, such as material handling equipment, industrial trailers, personnel carriers, ground support equipment, aerial lifts, construction equipment and many others. Our wheel assemblies can be designed to specific OEM requirements, or manufactured to individual need, based on customer application requirements. Our goal is to offer a total tire and wheel solution to service you and your customers.

Product Range:


4-Piece             3-Piece

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Trelleborg Lock Ring Wheels
The 4-Piece Range: 8” to 24”
Heavy duty applications
The 3-Piece Range: 20” (8.5-24 on Request)
Forklift & industrial trailer applications

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Trelleborg Skid-Steer Wheels
Suitable for Skid steer machines, rough terrain telehandlers & mobile off-road platforms.

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Trelleborg Tubeless Wheels
Range: 22.5”
Suitable for ro-ro trucks and industrial trailers

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Trelleborg Earthmoving Wheels
Suitable for Earthmoving and Construction Equipment.

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Trelleborg Split Wheels
Range: 8” to 12”
Suitable for small & medium industrial trailers, forklift trucks, ground support equipment & baggage carts.

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Trelleborg Press-On Wheels
Designed for extreme load, slow speed applications; forklift trucks, industrial trailers and drum rollers.

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Major features

Lock Ring Wheels

Lock ring wheels use removable circular type locking components or “lock rings”. The wheel is composed of two parts:

  • The rim with or without locking components (bead seat ring, side ring and lock ring)
  • The center disc

To secure the tire on the rim, two locking systems are available.

4 – Piece Lock Ring Wheel
Heavy Duty Performance

  • Range: 8” to 15”, 20” and 24” 
  • Suitable for resilient and tube pneumatic tires
  • Recommended for loc versions of solid tires for faster assembly, or can be secured by locking ring set.
  • Single or Dual mounting solutions
  • Suitable for many heavy duty applications such as counterbalanced forklifts and trailers

3-Piece Lock Ring Wheel
The Solution for Ordinary Applications

  • 20” solutions (8.5-24 on request)
  • Cost-saving solution, for medium duty, tube type pneumatic, or light duty resilient applications
  • Suitable for forklift and industrial trailer applications

Skid-Steer Wheels

Top Performance in Heavy Duty Applications


  • 1 piece wheel
  • Robust design with full weld center
  • Suitable for skid steer machines, rough terrain telehandlers, mobile off-road platforms, and many other related applications.



Tubeless Wheels
High performance in hard conditions

  • 1 piece wheel
  • Robust design
  • Increased rim thickness
  • Suitable for tubeless tires only
  • Suitable for ro-ro trucks and industrial trailers

Earthmoving wheels
Locking System to Prevent Slippage in High Traction Applications

  • 3 or 5 piece design
  • For earthmover (tubeless) tires only
  • Reliable and robust solution
  • Suitable for earthmoving and construction equipment

Split Wheels
Split wheels are constructed so that when the two pieces are securely bolted together they combine to form a rim having two fixed flanges and an attachment disc.

Range: 8” up to 12”

  • Suitable for resilient and tube type pneumatic tires
  • Easy mounting and assembling
  • Cost effective and reliable solution
  • Suitable for small and medium industrial trailers, forklift trucks, ground support equipment, baggage carts and many related applications.

POS Wheels

  • Range: From 4” to 40 “
  • Welded wheels for custom applications
  • Cast Wheels available for larger volume production parts
  • Strict tolerances to ensure correct mounting
  • For heavy load applications and counterbalanced forklift and trailers

Technical data

General and Safety recommendations
Wheels are a highly strained component of the vehicle. It is necessary to read and follow manufacturer’s recommendations and safety instructions. Wheels are a vital safety part of your vehicle. Always ensure their proper usage and maintenance.



  • Correct fitting between wheel and ring is essential for safety. Before mounting, always verify that wheel and tire are the correct size for each other.
  • You must use rings and wheels from the same manufacturer.
  • Always use the correct tools to secure the wheel on the axle.
  • Verify that nuts are torqued to the correct setting.
  • If using tubeless tires, the rim must be perfectly clean to ensure an airtight fit.
  • The mounting and removal of split and multi-piece wheels should only be performed by trained personnel.
  • To ensure better alignment, cross tighten the wheel studs and nuts when mounting the wheel to the axle hub.
  • Never use force to mount or remove components.
  • Verify correct mounting and positioning components of multi-piece wheels components prior to inflation or deflation. If incorrectly positioned, demount all components and restart the mounting procedure.
  • The tire must be fully deflated before removing the tire from the wheel.


Use and Maintenance

  • References to load carrying capacities and maximum speed limits must be adhered to. Tire and wheel load carrying capacities are not the same, the tire size indicated in the brochure relates only to the possibility to mount the tire on the rim. The wheel load capacity is the capacity indicated by Trelleborg in accordance with E.T.R.T.O. and T.R.A. Standards.
  • Do not overinflate pneumatic tires. Overinflation may result in damage to wheel or wheel components.
  • Use only non-aggressive mounting pastes to lubricate the tire bead.
  • Check periodically for straining cracks, corrosion or ovaled stud holes. Replace wheels that show signs of damage or strain.
  • Always replace damaged or worn out wheels. It is dangerous to mount if any part of the wheel if components are worn, warped, cracked or rusted.
  • Cracked rims or discs should never be re-welded or repaired.


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