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Media Contacts

Roberta D'Agnano
PR & Events
Trelleborg Wheel Systems
+39 0774 38 4921
Fax. +39 0774 38 4702

Roberto Angelucci
Digital Marketing Manager
Trelleborg Wheel Systems
+39 0774 38 4922

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Fendt tractors fit with Trelleborg tires

Fendt Fendt Fendt

Fendt Fendt Class

Fendt Fendt Fendt

Fendt Fendt Fendt

Fendt Fendt Fendt

Fendt Fendt

For more images go to
All of the images are free for you to use. If you publish them please state "‘Copyright Trelleborg Wheel Systems".
To download one of these images to your computer, click on the image using the right mouse button (on PC) or hold the mouse button down (on Mac). On the menu shown, select "Save Target As…".
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