Mono-Thane Press-On

Mono-Thane Press-On (Premium)

Mono-Thane® Press-On polyurethane tires feature a combination of advanced design and premium materials. There tires are well suited for conditions where high load capacity and long runs are required.

Trelleborg_Polyurethane_Monothane_200x281Recommended applications are distribution centers with smooth floor conditions and cold storage areas such as freezers.

Mono-Thane® Press-On tires are available in the following durometers:

83 Durometer – Ideal for smooth floor conditions, cold storage and produce areas.

• Good load capacity

• Resistance to chunking

• Smooth riding 

92 Durometer – Ideal for long runs and heavy loads. This compound has a higher load capacity and extended tire life.

• Extended tire life

• Resistant to flat spotting

• Excellent load capacity

Sipped tires available for increase traction on wet surfaces.

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