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Professional farmers share some of their most interesting stories about Trelleborg solutions

Trelleborg VIP

«...Using VIP, we achieve low soil compaction, so the water can drain more easily

Trelleborg M3000

"... Our experience with Trelleborg TM3000 is very good."

Trelleborg TM900 High Power

«...the main benefits of the TM900 High Power are: traction due to its tread pattern, self cleaning due to the interlug terraces"

Trelleborg TH400

«The most important benefits of the TH400 for us are high stability of the tire...»     

Trelleborg TM1060

«Therefore we easily noticed that TM1060 performed really well in severe conditions.»

Trelleborg TM700 ProgressiveTraction

“We have chosen the TM700 ProgressiveTraction for its high self-cleaning qualities and for its improved traction capacity...”

Trelleborg TM1000 High Power

“...and we have chosen the TM1000 High Power for the 1050 because this is a great tire…”

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Viñolas, S.L. - Eduard Viñolas - Agricultural service provider from, Catalunia – Spain

Eduard was contacted and hired directly from FC Barcelona for his professionalism and work speed. The club needed to change the grass of the main football field in record time of just one day! For that they used 3 Fendt Tractors, fitted with TM900HP 600/70R34 and TM900HP 710/75R42. Mr Viñolas says: “I can rely on Trelleborg tires to have top performance in the toughest job, like grading for example, but also for the very precise agricultural operations like the one at Camp Nou. I'am also extremely satisfied with the technical service provided by the Trelleborg specialist in my area. He comes regularly to check the tire pressures and advises me on how to take the biggest benefit from my tires. Together with Pneumátics Perelló, our tire supplier, they make a great team, giving all the local assistance that me and my company needs.” “Trelleborg tires have excellent traction and cause a lot less compaction compared to other competitors. The first time I tried Trelleborg, advised by Pneumátics Perelló, I found the tire that fulfilled all the needs of my tractors and jobs.”

Skidder T418 - Eucatex – Brazil

”The most cost-effective tires on the market.”

Twin Forestry T440, Eurl Bédère - France

“Excellent combination of grip and flexibility."

Twin Forestry T480 - L-G HULTSJÖS Skogsmaskiner AB – Sweden

”The unbeatable force transmission from tire to track.”
Kurt Robson

Kurt Robson, professional farmer

"We measured over 5% less slip with Trelleborg, which resulted in great savings."
Trelleborg Rattlerow Farms

Jerry Scotchman, arable manager

"The TM900s give us the flotation we need for top work, plus the traction that’s required for heavier jobs…"
Trelleborg James Sapsed

James Sapsed, professional farmer

“…we could put more lugs on the ground and vastly improve grip and performance by reducing pressures…”

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