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About Us

Trelleborg Wheel Systems operation is part of the Trelleborg Group. It is a global supplier of tires and complete wheels for agricultural and forestry machines, fork-lift trucks and other material-handling equipment. The company provides highly specialized solutions, to create added value for customers.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is organized into two operations

Our Agricultural and Forestry tire operations designs, produces and distributes a wide range of tires and wheel systems for agricultural machinery including tractors and trailers and forestry machinery. We provide top quality products that allow for optimal use of various types of machinery both on the road and in the field.

Our Industrial tire operations designs, produces and distributes tires and wheel systems for material handling and construction machinery including forklifts, loaders and ground support equipment. Through premium quality products and market leading services we aim to be a partner for industry accelerating customer performance across six continents.

Core values

In a global Group such as Trelleborg, characterized by individual and cultural diversity, our system of shared values is particularly important. Our core values – customer focus, performance, innovation and responsibility – are long-term commitments, which, when coupled with the business concept, goals and strategies guide us in making decisions and conducting business. The values make Trelleborg unique compared with our competitors. We are proud to be different.

Core Values Customer Focus Trelleborg Group

Customer focus

Working in partnership, we aim to add value for our customers, as well as for Trelleborg.
Core Values - Performance


We shall perform better than our competitors.
Core Values - Innovation


We promote an innovative culture and attitude. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.
Core Values - Responsibility


We all share responsibility for our company as a whole and for its results.

Production facilities

Industrial Tires
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Xingtai (Hebei)




Red Lion

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Industrial Tires



South Carolina


Sri Lanka

Kelaniya, Malwana



Social Engagement

TM Blue®

Trelleborg TM Blue Innovations for Sustainable Farming

TM Blue™ respects the soil

From the Trelleborg labs to the farm, the TM Blue™ concept includes a set of techniques, patents, solutions and procedures which help decrease the use of natural resources, thereby preserving nature, respecting the soil, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

“Agriculture is destined to play a leading role in future environmental challenges” 

Farmers along with leading manufacturers will increasingly demand innovations that meet sustainable agricultural requirements. They will promote independent farming technologies, such as the production of renewable and alternative sources of energy, as well as advanced recycling techniques.

We challenge our organization daily to look for environmentally friendly approaches that further improve the performance and efficiency of our products and solutions.

The primary goal of the TM Blue™ concept is to enable farmers to win twice. First, the farmers will profit directly from the superior productivity of TM solutions. Secondly, they will benefit from Trelleborg caring for the environment.

Paolo Pompei
President Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Careers at Trelleborg

Trelleborg careers develop skills and release potential – giving you the upward momentum and freedom of movement to explore opportunities within a dynamic, diverse global engineering group dedicated to accelerating performance for customers. 

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