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SafestriveTM Floor 



Safestrive Floor is 18 mm thick with an extra 3 mm linoleum carpet on top of the floor. It is delivered in 50 × 50 cm pieces.


Following the gluing on a flat and clean ground floor, Safestrive Floor is placed with the pins downwards. On top of Safestrive Floor, another layer of glue is dispersed before the top layer of linoleum carpet is placed.


Safestrive Floor, which is stable enough for normal requirements such as walking and clinical activities, fulfils key requirements such as ease of installation, low chemical and emission levels, ease of cleaning and requirements of sustainability, wear and tear.                                             


Safestrive Floor meets existing and upcoming regulatory demands and requirements, and provides an environment that is likely to be better and safer for individuals, relatives and care workers.

Thickness and length 

Delivered in plates Height  Plate size   Recommended top floor
18 x 500 mm  18 mm 500 x 500 mm  3-4 mm

Technical information 

Safestrive Floor is coded:
HSCode 400219 Styrene-butadiene rubber “SBR”.


Product Sheet

Safestrive Floor  

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