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This special product is a cork take-up strip which associates three components. The first component is Cork for its exceptional driving ability. The second one is a tailor-made rubber compound specially developed for a good abrasion resistance. The third one is a mechanical resistant textile support allowing an easy-fitting and disassembly of the tap.

Trelleborg rubber covering tapes LGH

Cork take-up strip

Cork confers to this strip a particular driving capacity, for all fine and sensitive supports:
  • Plastic films
  • PVC
  • Not woven
  • Food packaging
  • Tissue
  • Paper
  • Food
  • Cork, material with particular driving characteristics
  • A tailor-made elastomeric recognized for its wearing resistance
  • A textile base allowing an easy fitting and dismantling
  • 2 thicknesses to optimize maintenance costs
  • The product at a glance

     THICKNESS (mm)
     1,0 and 1,6 (+/- 0,2)

     from 25 to 1000 (+/- 3)

     100 (+12/-0 m)


  • High abrasion and friction resistance
  • Available also in self-adhesive version
  • Custom-made solutions available upon request
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