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High time for watertight solutions - When to apply mechanical repair seals, and how

Let’s face it: America has a water infrastructure problem. And it’s getting worse. 

Coast to coast, network owners, engineers and contractors face a running battle to fix aging pipe systems. Towns big and small are fighting water loss, sinkholes, and other major challenges. Eliminating expensive I&I and harmful exfiltration has never been more important – it’s high time our communities had durable, money-saving water asset management solutions they can rely on.

In this innovative webinar, experts from Trelleborg Pipe Seals – a world-leading supplier of new and rehabilitation sealing solutions – will be discussing how mechanical seals can reinforce pipe systems and enhance existing repair methods. 

Rob Brockway, Director of Product Development, will explore the advantages of ‘No Dig’ for your potable and non-potable water pipe applications, offering best practice examples of these solutions in action.

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     Rob Brockway

Rob Brockway has a MS degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Manufacturing Engineering. He has been has been with Trelleborg for over 15 years and is responsible for process engineering and maintenance, design and implementation of new products, such as the new NSF approved repair seals.

“Technological innovation is an area I’m particularly excited about. There are new pipe seal technologies emerging in areas like automation and robotics and we are well placed to capitalize on these new solutions.”

Rob Brockway, Director of Operations - Trelleborg Pipe Seals