Forsheda 116 Sealing System for Sewer and Stormwater Manholes

Seal Dimensions

Size examples

Examples of Sizes

A B Joint GAP
16 25.0 9.2±1.2
18 25.0 10.4±1.4
20 26.6 11.5±1.5
22 30.0 12.7±1.7
24 32.0 13.5±2.0
26 35.0 15.0±2.0
28 38.0 16.0±2.5
30 41.0 17.1±2.5
 Please contact Trelleborg Pipe Seals for technical advice and joint design recommendations to meet your performance requirements.
Forsheda 116. Trelleborg

Dimensions, mm

Subject to change for technical reasons

Joint Assembly

Forsheda 116. Trelleborg

Step 1

Stretch the seal onto the spigot and position against the shoulder. Equalize the stress in the seal by lifting it at a few points. It is vital that the seal seats against the shoulder around the whole circumfe-rence of the manhole.

Forsheda 116, Trelleborg

Step 2

Centre the manhole sections and complete the joint. Depending on the joint design it may be possible to joint one side of the manhole, followed by the other.

Forsheda 116. Trelleborg

Step 3

The position of the seal in an assembled mahole is shown in picture.

Forsheda 116, Trelleborg

Step 4

If re-joining is required ensure the sliding skin is drawn back to position as shown in the picture.


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Datasheet Forsheda 116


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