Calibrations hoses and Preliner for pipe rehab

calibration hose orange
calibration hose orange

epros®DrainCali "Heavy Duty"

„Heavy Duty“ 80 °C water / 100 °C steam

Calibration hose for hot curing resins
Material is part of the Liner End Cap

• Used in main sewers and for house connections

• Negotiates bends up to 90°

• Sewn

• Sizes: DN 100 to DN 300

calibration hose transparent

epros®DrainCali "Medium Duty"

„Medium Duty“ (transparent)

Light weight calibration hose for curing temperatures up to 80°C/176°F
higher flexibility at lower temperatures

• Used in main sewers and for house connections

• Negotiates bends up to 90°

• Stitched and welded

• Sizes: DN 100 to DN 300

Calibration hose green
calibration hose green

epros®DrainCali "light duty"

„Light Duty“ - max. 45 °C water

Calibration hose preferred for ambient curing resins

• Mainly used for house connection pipes

• Negotiates bends easily

• Welded

• Sizes: DN 65 to DN 200

calibration hose white
calibration hose white

epros®DrainCali "Heavy Weight"

„Heavy Weight“ - max 80 °C water

Calibration hose for hot curing resins

• Mainly used in main sewers

• Negotiates bends up to 45°

• Sewn and welded

• Robust heavyweight design

• Sizes: DN 350 to DN 600
calibration hose white


The preliner is a thin but resistant protective PE film tube (approx. 200 μm). It is pulled or inverted into the host pipe prior to liner installation in order to form a barrier between the pipe wall and the liner to prevent the resin from direct contact with the host pipe, or avoid damage to the liner.

  • Always use a pre liner in groundwater-saturated zones, where infiltration is present (groundwaterinfiltration)

  • For rehabilitation of displaced joints where water accumulations before liner installation cannot be avoided

  • Absolutely necessary if using the rapid ambient curing epoxy resin systems epros®EPROPOX FC15 or FC30

Sizes: DN 100 to DN 1000


Calibration Hoses and Preliner Data Sheet


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