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Telemark™ Cable Marker

Telemark™ modular buoy is typically used as a mooring buoy where the end of the fiber optic cable is attached to the buoy allowing the cable ship to return to shore for more cable without losing the cable mid ocean. The modular construction of Telemark™ modular buoys gives the crew the flexibility to adjust the net buoyancy to suit the depth and weight of the supported cable. 

Additional options

Available with passive radar reflector and xenon light options

Net buoyancy range

Ranging from  3Te to 12Te buoyancy available

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below application.

Fiber optic cable


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Technical specifications

Typical Telemark™ Cable Marker specifications are shown below

Telemark Buoys
Nett Buoyancy (kg) No of Modules Weight in Air (kgs)




A range of smaller mini modular 1,800 - 6,300kg nett buoyancy units are also available.
6000  1916 
9000 2318 
12000  2720
Module dimensions: 2500mm x 2100mm   

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