Eccofloat® is a low density syntactic foam used for building manned and remotely operated vehicles. 

Used to prepare large buoyancy modules

Various grades

Block form or custom molded shapes available

Key Applications

Trelleborg produces various grades of syntactic foams to meet a broad range of requirements.


Remotely operated vehicles (ROV)


Trim adjustment modules for submarines

Acoustic windows

Unmanned and manned vehicles

EL Grade

EL Grade epoxy syntactic foams have been the materials of choice for manufacturing manned and unmanned submersibles for years with their range of densities and ability to withstand exposure to diesel fuels and hydraulic fluids.

TG Grade

TG Grade syntactic foams are lightweight and economical for building manned and remote operating vehicles. The foams have also been used to manufacture mine neutralization systems because of their zero magnetic and sea water comparable acoustic signatures and to fabricate eyebrows for 688-class US nuclear submarines because of their buoyancy, acoustic profile and ability to significantly improve sonar functions.

DS Grade

DS Grade syntactic foams combine lightweight glass Microballoons with multi-functional epoxy resin to produce ultra-high strength-to-weight materials for high-performance, deep sea applications including unmanned and manned submersibles.

VF Grade

VF Grade epoxy syntactic foams combine microballoons and macrospheres for ultra-light weight applications such as filling of control surfaces on class 688 US nuclear submarines. The Grade A shock-qualified castable syntactic foams are sold as kits for on-site/field use.

Eccofloat® Syntactic Foam Typical Properties

Eccofloat®  Service Depth (FSW) Service Depth (MSW)
Density (lbs/ft³) Density (kg/m³)
Service pressure (psi)
 TG-24/2000 6,560 2,000 24 385 3,000
 TG-26/3000 9,843 3,000 26 416 4,444
 TG-28/4000 13,124 4,000 28 448 5,287
 TG-30/5000 16,430  5,000 30  481 7,307
 TG-32/6000 19,716  6,000 32 513 8,768
 TG-34/7000 22,900 7,000 34 544 10,164
 TG-39/11500 38,000 11,500 39 639 16,872
 EL-30/2000 6,750 2,000 30 480 3,000
 EL-34/6000 20,000 6,000 34 544 9,000
 EL-36/7300 24,000 7,300 36 576 11,000
 DS-35/8130 26,700 8,130 35 560 11,888
 DS-39/11500 38,000 11,500 39 624 16,872

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