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Ultra M.I.S (Module Integrity System)

Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules (DRBM) are fitted along the length of the riser to reduce the weight of a drilling riser to a manageable level. Trelleborg developed Ultra M.I.S. (Module Integrity System) as a safety system to ensure  damaged buoyancy elements can be safely recovered and repaired.

Composite mesh

Composite mesh incorporated into syntactic core of DRBMs help maintain module integrity and increases the breaking point from flexure.

Damage reduction

In the event of a damaged module, the mesh assists in retaining detached pieces within the whole module.

Abrasion protection

Discrete placement under the fiberglass outer skin helps protect the module surface against abrasion from harsh marine environments.

Key Applications

Drill riser


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drill riser buoyancy

Drill Riser Module

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