Helical Buoyancy

Helical Buoyancy

Helical Buoyancy is the result of a joint development between Trelleborg Offshore and Diamond Offshore Drilling to integrate Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) suppression with drill riser buoyancy, eliminating the need for additional auxiliary equipment, increasing rig efficiency without compromising on safety or structural integrity.

Reduction of drag in current flow

The Helical Buoyancy design is optimized to reduce drag and lift coefficients and drag amplification factors in all flow regimes present in the offshore environment, increasing riser operating envelopes and rig efficiency.

Increase in equipment  fatigue lives

Reductions in riser motions due to VIV limit the number and magnitude of strain cycles transferred to subsea equipment decreasing fatigue loading and extending service life.

Safer, faster and more robust VIV suppression

Joint handling times during riser deployment and retrieval are equivalent between Helical Buoyancy and traditional buoyancy designs, resulting in increased personal safety, higher efficiency and a more robust solution compared to traditional VIV mitigation equipment.

Uncompromised Uplift

The minimal removal of material associated with the Helical Buoyancy design corresponds to only a 2-3% buoyancy loss, which can easily be recovered through the manufacturing process incorporating lower density materials.

Key applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below application.

Drill Riser

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