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J-Tube Bungs

Diver installed J-tube or I-tube bungs may be fitted around the host umbilical or flowline. They are typically positioned just behind the entry bellmouth. The bung may be used as a flow restriction device to limit the loss of the corrosion inhibitor solution present in the annulus between the host line and the J-tube bore.

Flow restriction

The product may be used to limit the amount of flow in to and out of the J-tube annulus.

Centralizing action

J-tube bungs can also be used to centralize a cable, umbilical or flowline within a J-tube or I-tube.

Interference fit

The design utilizes a polyurethane seal which deforms during installation to provide interference fit to the host line and the J-tube or I-tube bore.

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below application.


Centralizing action



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Typically the seal will be installed in the J-tube just behind the entry bellmouth.

J-Tube Seal

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