Next Level Report 2017

The ever changing oil and gas industry is going through a challenging period.
We surveyed hundreds of oil and gas experts to understand their thoughts on the current oil and gas industry.

The Next Level survey responses reveal that businesses from every level of the oil and gas market are not compromising on safety. Whilst upfront savings seem appealing when every penny counts, facilities spend more on a project upfront to ensure longevity and less upgrades in the future, given the current downturn; 63% look for one supplier to provide multiple products and services...

To read more download the report or to view our panel of industry experts discussing the results, watch the videos.

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Round table videos

The Next Level Report from Trelleborg Offshore uncovered numerous surprises which needed more investigation and so we hosted a round table with oil and gas experts to discuss key topics in this report.

The topics that were discussed were:
•Reasons to be optimistic in the oil and gas industry
•Upfront costs vs future upgrades
•Removing conservatism and being the first with innovations
•Collaboration, efficiencies & engaging talent
•Quantifying supplier attributes
•Taking advantage of the Internet of Things in the oil and gas industry

To know more watch the experts discussing the topics below.