Trelleborg Offshore Houston

Houston has proven syntactic experience and expertise in solving our customers' challenges. Our main focus is in design, project management and manufacturing solutions for our customers, based on our product expertise of syntactic solutions.

Core products we manufacture

Trelleborg Offshore - Drill Riser Buoyancy

Drill Riser Buoyancy

Trelleborg Offshore - Riser Guard


Trelleborg Offshore - Buoyancy Repair

Buoyancy Repair

Rankin site - Area

Total site                                     Office                                         Workshops                                 Testing and R&D                         Internal storage                           External storage                        

Rankin site - M²  

46,360                                       972                                           395                                           980                                           3,093                                         10,000 

Houston, US

Address: 1902 Rankin Rd, Houston, TX 77073, USA
Phone: +1 832 456 8300
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